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Vijay Varma reveals how he was wary of being stereotyped.

Vijay Varma reveals how he was wary of being stereotyped.

Actor ​Vijay Varma has always been lauded for essaying unhinged negative characters in films like Pink, Darlings and Dahaad. But, there was a point in his career when he realised that he needed to change his track. The actor felt the need to delve into characters outside of the grey zone to showcase other aspects of his talent that were being untapped.

Ovet the turning point in his career trajectory, he reveals that when he did film Pink, he wasn”t aware of the repercussions of playing a negative role.

But, he realised people and his fans wanted him to play grey haracters and he was inundated with those offers. That was a wake-up call for him.

Jimmy agrees agrees, the industry is quick to stereotype actors, hence, he needs to work hard at breaking away from that trap. “People do start seeing you a certain way if something has worked.

So, when he realised that, he chose to do different roles to not let that perception get to him. He wasn’t worried because he knew he also had films like Jaane Jaan and Kaalkoot (web series). It just takes one good performance to break that stereotype, and he now had that in him

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