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Battle For Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Mumbai 


Battle For Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Mumbai 

Battle For Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Mumbai 

Chairman Sarabjeet lobby versus Manhas Bros Part 2

In the internecine battle to gain control of the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Bandra (East) accusations, allegations and wild charges have been flying thick and fast…


One very vocal section of the Trust holds the Manhas Brothers responsible for not allowing the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital to develop into a Super speciality medical facility of international standards 


♦️Lights imported for Operation Theatre at ₹10,00,000  per pieces for a total of 4 from Switzerland, and never used. In effect ₹40 lakhs have been wasted on useless expenditure with no accountability


♦️CSSD worth ₹1.9 crore wasted cost+charges


♦️AC unit imported , even when the Bluestar Airconditioning System with a 300 ton capacity+100 ton extra backup was available. That’s another ₹ 85 Lacs down the drain


♦️Ajay Pande Cardiologist was giving a free Heart Centre; allegedly opposed tooth and nail by Convenor Bhupinder Manhas 


♦️Ajit Desai offered to provide free cardiological facilities; again opposed by Bhupinder Manhas


♦️The firm GMP was given ₹1.56 crore for crucial work and no work was done! No case was  filed against GMP for recovery or otherwise because they are allegedly

close to the very influential Manhas Brothers. 


So why are these charges being levelled at Convenor Bhupinder Singh Manhas and his brother Amarjeet Singh Manhas?

Reliable sources have told News Nation that that is because both sides are being egged on by vested interests to gain control of the Hospital; as an insider said “the idea is finally to have a Medical College attached to the Hospital and that itself to be upgraded to a Post Graduate level”

In frame : (L) Bhupinder Singh Manhas, (R)Amarjit Singh Manhas

In case that happens (and the way things are it is bound to happen) the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital will be a gold mine for whosoever controls it. 


Do remember this is one version of whatever is taking place right now in the Guru Nanak Dev Trust Hospital

The other version is completely the opposite of what is being propagated by the anti-Minhas lobby!


The only thing is in this battle between Chairman Sarabjeet Singh and Convenor Bhupinder Singh Manhas it is the Hospital that’s suffering!


Is there a way in which the two sides will be able to reconcile and bury their differences?

Of that tomorrow…

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